Vol. 13 No. 3 (2020): Colour & Colonialism - Facing the Shadows of the Past

A Rainbow Paper - Tackling inequalities, a neo-liberal order in a world after Corona

Indranil Chakravorty MBBS PhD FRCP
BAPIO Institute for Health Research, Bedford, UK
British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Bedford, UK
Ramesh Mehta OBE MD FRCPCH
British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Bedford, UK
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Published 2020-08-06


  • BAME,
  • BAPIO,
  • Health inequalities,
  • Blacklivesmatter,
  • Differential Attainment

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Chakravorty, I., Bamrah, J., & Mehta, R. (2020). A Rainbow Paper - Tackling inequalities, a neo-liberal order in a world after Corona. Sushruta Journal of Health Policy & Opinion, 13(3). https://doi.org/10.38192/13.3.14


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the devastating impact of inequalities that have plagued societies for generations. The timing of the events spiraling from the unlawful killing of an apparently innocent black man in the United States of America led to an uprising of sorts across many countries. It touched the psyche of the people in the UK and came at a time when the British Association of Physicians of Indian origin reaches its 25th anniversary (1996-2021). One of the fundamental visions and values that the organisation was created on, was to promote excellence through equality and diversity. Therefore in its silver jubilee year, BAPIO launches an over-arching Alliance for Equality in Healthcare Professions. The Alliance is tasked to conduct a review of the evidence of differential attainment across the spectrum of healthcare careers, engage with stakeholders from the grassroots to the responsible organisations and finally generate an expert consensus on recommendations for the changes necessary to tackle such inequalities.


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