About the Journal

Sushruta is a Journal of Health Policy

Sushruta is published as a quarterly, open-access, scholarly journal for professionals and scientists associated with research and delivery of health care and its policy. The scope of this journal includes the full range of diverse, multi-professional health and social care workforce and global partners.

The journal aims to represent the breadth of issues on health policy and opinions which impact the readership, affect them, and the wider healthcare community. The readership includes undergraduates, postgraduates, and established professionals globally.

The views expressed, are of the authors and peer-reviewed (open) by independent global experts. The editorial board does not limit or direct the content except in maintaining professionalism, checking the evidence base for references (where relevant). All care is taken to ensure that articles comply with current UK law and are GDPR compliant.

The members of the Editorial Board are voluntary, appointed for a 3-year term with mutually agreed extension for an additional 2 years. They are editorially independent of the sponsoring organisation (BAPIO).

Sushruta is published by BAPIO Publications Ltd in print, pdf, and online. The Journal aims to fully comply with the Code of Publication Ethics. The Editorial Board meets every month on Thursdays online. All minutes of meetings are available. The Board has defined its mission, business, and sustainability plan for 2020-2023. This is available on request. Membership is open to any healthcare professionals from the UK, the Indian sub-continent, and across the world. BAPIO is affiliated to the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and other similar organisations. 

Guidance for Authors

It is cited by

Plagiarism check is applied for all new submissions using Turnitin and Crossref's Similarity Check system. 

Complaints Process

The journal is indemnified by BAPIO Ltd. Any complaints relating to the published material should first be submitted to the editors via email editor.sushruta@bapio.co.uk. Any complaints relating to commercial interests or grievances can be addressed to the BAPIO Executive Committee via admin@bapio.co.uk We aim to provide a formal written response within 4 weeks or earlier.


Content Archiving is currently on a cloud drive (Google Drive and Onedrive). We are applying for inclusion in the CLOCKSS archiving system.