Stress and Burnout in Doctors Let's Look Deeper

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Professor Nandini Chakraborty MD FRCPsych


Doctors are at risk of stress and burnout. These are longstanding issues which have been identified for decades. Numerous articles talking about work-life balance, mindfulness sessions, regular exercise, meditation, hobbies and a long list of positive activities are as old as the story of stress and burnout in the medical profession. The question remains: after all the knowledge about the existence of stress and burnout among doctors and the plentiful advice that abounds in tackling these, why are we still looking for the answers? What can we see, learn and do which is different?

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Chakraborty, N. (2021). Stress and Burnout in Doctors: Let’s Look Deeper. Sushruta Journal of Health Policy & Opinion, 14(1), 1-4.
Author Biography

Professor Nandini Chakraborty MD FRCPsych, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Leicester, UK

Associate Dean for Equivalence, Royal College of Psychiatrists,

Honorary Professor, University of Leicester,

Consultant Psychiatrist, Early intervention in Psychosis, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust


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