Melting Ice and Malaria The Tip of the Climate Change Iceberg

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Catherine Dominic


A line from the WHO report on climate change struck me particularly – ‘Roman aristocrats retreated to hill resorts each summer to avoid malaria’. Hoping to pursue a career in Tropical Medicine and Global Health, the climate crisis is one of my primary concerns for the future of global health – will there come a time when we spend our summer holidays hiding in the Pennines from infections at ground level? Being a medical student in London during the climate strikes it was inspiring to see people protest government inaction around preventing climate change - it is certain that climate change is having a measurable impact on global health and that it is time that we encourage awareness and act against it.

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Dominic, C. (2020). Melting Ice and Malaria: The Tip of the Climate Change Iceberg. Sushruta Journal of Health Policy & Opinion, 13(2).
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Catherine Dominic, Queen Mary's University of London, UK

Medical Student


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